Sennheiser Headphone Review: HD8 DJ vs HD 7 DJ vs HD6 Mix vs HD25-1 II

Hey this is Brian from Sonic Sense Pro Audio.

Over the next few minutes we're gonna take a look at Sennheiser's new line of DJ headphoneswhich includes the HD6 mix, HD7 DJ, and HD 8 DJ.

We'll compare them alongside Sennheiser'salready legendary HD 25 1 II and then we'll hear some audio samples.

Before we listen let's check out some of thedifferences in these headphones.

Let's start with the HD 6 mix.

Like all ofthe new HD line, these 'phones are lightweight with over-the-ear cups that provide greatisolation.

With a balanced voicing and comfortable design, these 'phones were designed to meetthe needs of those in the studio.

Let's see the specs.

Next, the HD 7 DJ.

This one was inspired bySennheiser's own HD 25 with working DJs in mind.

The HD7 DJ features rotatable earcups,and a single sided cable that can be attached to either side.

Here's the specs.

The HD 8 DJ is Sennheiser's premier DJ headphone.

The voicing is inspired by the HD 25 with an emphasis on rhythm and beat matching.

Metalreinforcement parts give these 'phones the durability for the most punishing environments.

Let's check out the specs.

And finally, let's take a quick look at theheadphones that inspired the new HD line, theHD 25 1-II.

These 'phones have taken on a near mythical reputation among DJs and studioguys alike, for their excellent isolation, extremely light-weight, and their capacityfor high sound pressure levels.

Let's see the specs Since the specs only tell part of the story,we have recorded each of these so you can decide for yourself what best suits your taste.

Remember, the HD7 DJ and HD8 DJ are not intended to be perfectly flat.

Instead, they shoulddeliver lots of level to make themselves heard over the noisy room in which you are performing.

They may also accent certain frequencies to help keep you on beat.

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OK lets give them a listen.

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Since the specs only tell part of the story,we have recorded each of these so you can decide for yourself what best suits your taste.

For more information on how we burn-in and record our headphones, click on the spinninghead.

OK lets give them a listen.

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