Headphone Review: Fostex TH-900 vs Ultrasone Edition 8

Hi this is Brian from Sonic sensePro Audio I'm gonna take a look at some of themost talked-about closed back headphones on the market applicable th 900 fromFostex and the addition a Ultrasone.

we'll briefly go over some key featuresfrom each pair and then we'll hear some audio samples DH 900 is the first high-end headphonesfrom Fostex these headphones feature a newlydesigned transducer with the robust fifty millimeter diaphragm housings are made of Japanese cherrybirch with the unique lacquer finish in the air pads are made from eggshellmembrane protein leather and Ultrasone's addition A thesefound to play a titanium plate a driver as well as metal shielding whichproduces magnetic field emissions by up to 98 percent your cups are finished with thePalladium coding all the ear pads are made from Ethiopian sheepskin leather here's thespecs.

I'll suspects always a part of the story werecorded each of these so you can decide for yourself what best suits your taste for more information on how we burninand recorder had plans but the spinning head Okay let's give them a listen for over 100 more headphone samplesusing seven musical genres along with comparisons have studiomonitors microphones and more visit our Resource Center atSonics.

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