Headphone Review: Beats vs Sennheiser HD6Mix HD 380Pro Studio

Hey this is Brian from Sonic Sense Pro Audio.

Right now we're gonna check out Sennheiser's new HD 6 mix headphones and compare them totheir well received HD380 Pro and the popular Beats Studio from Beats By Dr.


Let's take a quick look at each pair and thenwe'll hear some audio samples.

Let's start with the HD 6 mix.

These 'phonesare lightweight with over-the-ear cups that provide great isolation.

With an accurate,balanced voicing and a comfortable fit, these 'phones were designed to accommodate longhours in the studio.

Here's the technical rundown.

Next let's look at Sennheiser's HD 380 Pro.

These 'phones have been a popular choice for years among studio engineers due to theircomfort, accurate voicing, and high volume capabilities.

Let's see the specs.

Finally, the Beats Studio.

These 'phones featurethe signature sound that Beats by Dre is famous for.

You'll find lots of extras here likeadaptive noise-cancelling and a 20-hour rechargeable battery.

Here's the specs.

Since the specs only tell part of the story,we have recorded each of these so you can decide for yourself what best suits your taste.

For more details on how we burn-in and recordour headphones, click on the spinning head.

OK lets give them a listen.

To hear more audio samples of these headphonesin a variety of musical genres, visit our For over 100 more headphones samples using 7 musical genres Along with comparisons of studio montors, microphones and more Visit our resource center at sonic sense dot com.

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